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Forever Young.. I wanna be forever young [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cheska B.

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Thoughts on Manila hostage crisis [Aug. 26th, 2010|12:27 am]
Cheska B.
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I am a Filipino, born and bred, residing in the USA. Due to the physical distance between Los Angeles and Manila, I was informed late of the recent hostage taking that has happened. However, thanks to the Internet, I am now up to speed.

Although the hostage taking in Manila is an isolated event—the results of a crazy man running amok—I sympathize with Chinese nationals. The Philippine police horribly handled the situation. Instead of us Filipinos repeatedly apologizing to the Chinese in the Internet, we should be asking questions and demanding answers. Our police force is plagued by corruption and incompetence. The recent police torture video, rampant bribery, extra judicial killings and this event all point to it. Have we been breeding and training morally skewed policemen or are we just seeing the bad apples in a big barrel of just defenders of the law? You know what, scratch that. Because it is clear that the police who stormed in weren’t properly trained. There is something wrong with our force and we should take all means necessary to correct it.

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a lot of things [Sep. 28th, 2009|12:41 am]
Cheska B.

A lot of things have happened. Good things. I got to meet the cast and crew of icarly, i fell in love with theater, i'm going to be in a play, i got a car, i got a new job.. a lot of things.
But that's not why I'm finally updating.

I'm writing because the flood and the destruction that Ondoy brought to my Philippines is not fair.

My Davao, my hometown, is safe. My house. My room. My clothes, my photos, my swing, my garden... their ok. I'm glad for that. But it's not fair.

It's not fair that my friends and family are the ones affected in Manila. It's not fair that some of my classmates were trapped in the dorms. It's not fair that people I knew had their houses submerged in water. It's not fair that people have lost everything and only managed to save the clothes on their backs. It's not fair that cars are floating-- FLOATING. It's not fair that a young man saved more than 30 lives but no one was there to save him. And it's not fair that our stupid president spent the 80 MILLION PESOS emergency funding for FOREIGN TRIPS.

...And it's not fair that they get to experienced miracles. It's not fair that they see people helping, holding each others hands, saving lives, packing goods, sacrificing their time for those who need it. It's not fair that they get to be help while I'm laying down on my couch-- dry and comfortable.

The world is not fair. Life is not fair. Does it even out? ...Maybe, I don't know.

What I do know is.. My Philippines is drowning. And in this time of need.. I'm glad to see that it's not MY Philippine's anymore. It's my classmates', my teachers', my family's, my friend's Philippines.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang Pilipino.

image from: www.facebook.com/i.am.filipino

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Greatness [Aug. 1st, 2009|01:43 am]
Cheska B.
"be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em."
- Malvolio Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

Cory Aquino was and is the epitome of having greatness thrust upon one. A reluctant leader, a simple housewife, became the icon of democracy and mother of a broken country.

Tita Pretty Joy was my cousins' aunt and father's friend. I barely knew her. But during her funeral, I saw a woman who dedicated her life for her church and her family. She had achieved greatness just by touching the lives of people around her while she had a chance

I found out Cory Aquino died today right before we drove to Tita Pretty's service.

Two wonderful women from two completely different backgrounds. Both touched by greatness.

from: http://kapisanan.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/cory-as-comic-book-heroine/

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Buddhkaran [Jun. 21st, 2009|11:37 pm]
Cheska B.
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17 again [Apr. 17th, 2009|09:51 am]
Cheska B.

I want to watch 17 again sooo bad!
But I don't want to watch it for Zac Efron. No no no no no. I wanna watch it for Matthew Perry!!!

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my classmate is in 90210 and i didn't even know it [Apr. 9th, 2009|06:33 pm]
Cheska B.
She's my classmate in Photo 100 and she's really really cool. For our first assignment, we were in the dark cabinet (as in completely dark, can't see anything cabinet) and she helped me put my negative rolls inside the spool thingy.. Also, she's an awesome photographer.

How did I find out she's an actress? ...I saw her in an episode of Hannah Montana. And I was all "OH. MY. GOD. MY CLASSMATE". So I checked out the most reliable place to find artistas --- IMDB. haha

Turns out she stars in Friday Night Lights and she was/is a guest star in 90210. She plays/played Rhonda (?).

It's kinda funny.. and weird.. weirdly funny. and kinda cool. haha all this time I was like, "I've been in LA and I don't see any artistas at all! Only Ryan Seacrest!" I guess this proves maybe I have seen celebs.. I just don't know them when I see them? haha.

Anyhoo, her name is Aimee Teegarden. She's in wikipedia! clicky clicky

and this is how she looks like

Off course she doesn't look this made up on a regular day... we do have a 9 am class after all

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The most beautiful thing I've ever seen [Mar. 26th, 2009|10:24 pm]
Cheska B.
We met in our school's bookstore.

It was love at first sight.

....i love you.

The $2 was so worth it

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BFF award goes to ME [Mar. 22nd, 2009|01:44 pm]
Cheska B.
I should get a bff award for dropping what I was doing (procrastinating/math homework/watching iCarly) at 2:45 am to go pick up my best friend Anna from her boyfriend's house. Like, seriously. Am I the bestest best friend that ever graced the world of best friendship, or what?

And Anna had the best opening line when she texted me.
Our text message conversation (from what I remember)
Anna: "are you busy?"
Me: "Not... really. Why?"
Anna: "I'm at [insert bf's name]'s house.. and he doesn't want me to leave"
Me: "Oh, why are you there? Ask your dad to pick you up! Who's picking you up?"
Anna: [explains about party that they ended up not going to etc etc. And about telling her dad she was supposed to sleep at Emma's house]
Me: "....You want me to pick you up, DON'T YOU??"
Anna: "hehehe.. yeah if you're not busy."

And then at first I thought I wasn't going to pick her up because her boyfriend didn't want to.. and there was some drama about him wanting to come over too and him calling me with her phone and them talking and whatever. Until finally she texts me that, yes, she does want me to pick her up (IF I'M NOT BUSY) and that I'm the only one who can pick her up and not make her boyfriend freak and go on a jealous rage. Off course I'll pick her up, she's my friend like duh. 

So there. I need a BFF award. Or at least I should make money and put up a Cheska Chauffer Service.

Also, I need to mention Doni because he should receive a Best Neighbor award for accompanying me. I went to his house, parked the car and he drove me all the way to Lynwood and back.

Why was HE the one accompanying me at an ungodly hour and not my brother? Well, in fairness to my bro, he didn't want me to go. But he didn't want to leave his computer either.. so he losses a Best Brother Award for that. haha.
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B average = BLASPHEMY [Mar. 20th, 2009|01:11 am]
Cheska B.
I've been averaging Bs in some of my subjects. I'm getting an A in math so far, but that's the only subject that I am fo'sho with. Photo 100 is B; Anthro is I think an A-/B+; Speech 130 is B (wtf?!) and Speech 235.. I'm not quite sure but I might be getting an A.

...It's weird how in Ateneo a B would be YESSS OMG YESS I GOT A B+/B!!!! But here. Dude, here, it feels so.. low.

Goshdangnabbit I'm turning into a nerd
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sleeping with books and papers [Mar. 16th, 2009|02:58 am]
Cheska B.
I feel like I'm turning into my old roommate, Isa. I've been falling asleep in a bed with books and papers scattered haphazardly. My laptop is also there, opened with unread research article visible on the screen.

Oh, Isa. If you read this, I miss you and your weird sleeping positions. :P

But in fairness to me ha... Even my grades are mimicking your grades. My weird sleeping habits are not in vain. Dean's list ako last semester haha.
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